5 Signs Your Utah County Kitchen Needs Some Help

Every Utah County Realtor® has heard this observation from a selling client more than once: “Now that I’ve fixed the place up, it’s so nice to live here!” It’s sometimes followed by a wistful, “I should have done it years ago!” They don’t need to add, “so we could have enjoyed it ourselves.” The culprit has... Continue Reading →

Wealth Management Gets Utah County Home Buyers’ Attention

No matter what their current financial profile, homebuyers in Utah share the knowledge that the value of the property they are acquiring will become a significant entry whenever their family’s net worth is reckoned. For those whose total in that category weighs in at $5 million or more: great! You're considered "ultra-wealthy" according to the Spectrum... Continue Reading →

Utah County’s Millennial Home Buyers May have Surprise Plans

“Millennials are buying homes!” This was what The Dallas Morning News reported last week—but Utah County homeowners didn’t need any Dallas real estate to be interested in the statement. It was based on data from all across the country. Millennials (anyone born between 1981 and 1997) made up 34% of homebuyers last year—"more than any... Continue Reading →

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