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ATeam’s Guide for Home Buyer’s


Find the Right Real Estate Agent

Rent. It’s a hole in your pocket where all your money goes. Maybe it’s time to sew up those pockets and buy your own home. What? You can’t afford to buy a home? You say you’re destined to rent forever? Actually, it is easier to buy a home in Utah than you think.

There are a lot of agents out there. But they are not all the same. Like any profession, the best have education, experience and a record of success. Don’t hire a real estate agent just because he was the first one listed in the yellow pages. Remember, your agent will be helping you make a life-changing decision. And you will probably work with this person for several months, so find someone you like. To find the right Utah home buyer representation:

  • Ask around, get some referrals.
  • Narrow your list to a small handful of Realtors. Call and meet with a few of them.
  • Ask them questions about their background and training. Ask them questions about the area you’re moving to. Do they seem knowledgeable? Are they aware of disclosure areas? Do they know about road construction?
  • Ask them to show you a few houses before you sign a buyer representation agreement. Did they seem to be listening to your requests? Are they interested in you or only selling a house.
  • When you find an real estate agent you like, sign a Buyer Representation Agreement and begin your house hunt in earnest.

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